Fee Schedule

Our surgery is a mixed billing practice; however, many services are bulk-billed. This means some patients are directly billed to Medicare with no gap to pay, while some patients and services do incur a gap fee.

Today Medicare rebates alone do not cover the full cost of providing our patients with safe medical care.  This is because the rate at which successive governments have indexed the Medicare Schedule Fees has been substantially lower than increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and average weekly earnings. The reality is that these rebates alone do not cover the cost of providing you with a safe and high-quality service.

The fees charged by this practice are subject to change as they must cover all our expenses including employing GPs, administration staff, practice nurses and meeting the operating costs such as rent, rates, medical equipment & supplies, electricity, IT & computers, security and insurance.

Bulk-Billed & Private Patients

  • Residents of the Fraser Coast with a current Pension, Health Care Card, Commonwealth Seniors Concession, Veterans Affairs Card and those with a gross family income of less than AU$40,000 (ATO proof of income required annually) are bulk-billed for most services
  • Children 15 years and under are bulk-billed
  • Antenatal consultations are bulk-billed
  • Patients who do not meet the above criteria are considered private patients and will need to pay for the consultation on the day. The practice has an electronic transfer system to refund the Medicare rebate immediately into your bank account. The patient must be present to claim through Medicare.
  • Exception – Private & Concession patients who present a valid Medicare card and attend only for a short consultation of less than 10 minutes for a single non-complex issue will be bulk-billed. This is generally only for a prescription, medical certificate, single concern or routine follow-up of a test or procedure. If multiple problems are requested or arise at these consultations, either your doctor may ask you to book another appointment or a gap fee will be charged
  • Consultation fees are time based and billing is determined by your GP according to this fee schedule
  • A non-Medicare claimable fee is applicable & payable upfront if the patient is not present or the service is not ‘medically necessary’ as specified by Medicare rules
  • Any Specialist after-care performed here will incur a time-based private fee which is not Medicare rebatable
  • Visits related to Workers Compensation, work & income claims, medicals, insurance & legal forms, commercial driver’s license medicals, travel vaccinations & insurance claims, call-out home visits and most procedures are not bulk-billed and in some cases may not be claimable from Medicare
  • There is a $10 consumables fee e.g. excisions & minor operations, packs & dressings, ear syringing, miscellaneous & additional items. This fee is payable on the day and is not bulk-billed
  • Travelers or temporary residents will be billed as private patients.

Private Consultation – Schedule of Fees

  • Short Consultations Bulk Billed (single non-complex issue & up to 10 mins)
  • Standard (10-20 mins) $75.00       Out of Pocket Gap = $36.25
    (The recommended AMA standard consultation fee for up to 20 minutes is $84.00)
  • Long (20-40 mins) $145.00       Out of Pocket Gap = $69.95
  • Prolonged (> 40 mins) $220.00      Out of Pocket Gap = $109.50
  • All new Patients require a at least a long consultation @ $145.00. The out of pocket gap is $69.95
  • Overseas visitors are billed at AMA recommended rates
  • Seasonal influenza vaccine consultations are bulk-billed; however, the injection is only funded for some patients, so there may be a $15.00 out of pocket expense if not eligible
  • Some other vaccines (including for travel) are provided at a cost and not Government funded, check with our reception staff for individual pricing.

Concession Consultation – Schedule of Fees

  • Short Consultations are Bulk Billed (single non-complex issue & up to 10mins)
  • Standard (10-20 mins)     $63.75                   Out of Pocket Gap = $25
  • Long (20-40 mins)              $118.05                 Out of Pocket Gap = $43
  • Prolonged (>40 mins)       $175.50                 Out of Pocket Gap = $65
  • All new Patients require a long consultation and will be charged. The concessional gap fee is $43
  • Seasonal influenza vaccine consultations are bulk-billed; however, the injection is only funded for some patients, so there may be a $15.00 out of pocket expense if not eligible
  • Some other vaccines (including for travel) are provided at a cost and not Government funded.

Procedures, Excisions & Minor surgery Arrangements

Please note, any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health professional if unsure.

  • The doctor will indicate when an appointment is available & the time required
  • On the day, a procedure consent form is signed, and the $10 consumable fee is payable, (no fee for DVA Gold card holders)
  • Patient postal address & contact details are checked and updated if required
  • After the procedure and pathology has been confirmed, the practice sends the claim to Medicare
  • A gap fee will be notified by letter and is then payable within 7 days
  • A Medicare cheque is posted to the patient.  This Medicare cheque is payable to the practice
  • Exceptions – Vasectomy & Circumcision consults & procedures are billed & payable on the day.

After Hours Care

  • In the case of an emergency, dial 000 for an Ambulance
  • Mid-week this service is shared between the Doctors at Kent Street Medical Centre and our practice, with all call-outs privately charged
  • We have an arrangement with House Call Doctor for weekend call outs (bulk-billed)
  • Phone this surgery on 4197 1567 and a recorded message will provide the contact details of the on-call doctor. If you cannot contact the doctor on-call, please go directly to the Accident & Emergency department at the Maryborough Hospital.

Preventative Healthcare, all Bulk-billed

  • 40 – 49 year old Health Assessment
  • 75+ Health Assessment
  • Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Health Assessment
  • Wellbeing & Mental health care plans
  • Chronic Disease Care Plans & Reviews
  • Diabetes Annual cycle of Care
  • Asthma plans & Spirometry
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) as part of an annual care plan
  • INR testing
  • Home Medication Reviews (completed by your Pharmacist)

Note: It is important that patients ring the surgery on 4197 1567 for an appointment and let reception staff know which service is required, so the appropriate time can be booked with the Nurse and the Doctor.

Important Information

  • Script requests require a consultation and ‘express’ appointments for scripts are available daily. If there are exceptional circumstances that require an over-the-counter script, it will be at the Doctors discretion and a fee will be payable upfront
  • Referrals to a Specialist require a consultation (new & repeat) and prior to your Specialist appointment. If there are exceptional circumstances that require an emergency referral for example, you are already at the Specialist, a fee will be payable upfront
  • Requests to backdate specialist referrals contravenes Medicare Legislation and cannot be done
  • Completion of forms & paperwork e.g. Travel subsidy, Centrelink forms etc. require a consultation
  • Results of INRs require a brief consultation
  • All results e.g. blood tests, scans, x-rays, excisions etc. require a consultation to discuss these with your GP, unless your doctor has instructed differently.  This ensures clear explanation and ongoing advice
  • All medicals & procedures require a long consultation, advise reception staff when booking
  • Full Woman’s checks including a cervical screen, breast examination, family planning, hormone checks, menopause management etc. require a long consultation
  • Transfer of Medical records incur a fee for a copy of the record.  A summary is provided free of charge
  • If you do not have a current valid Medicare card in your possession or on our practice records, you will be charged the full fee payable on the day. We are unable to ring Medicare on your behalf as our staff are busy and Medicare routinely puts callers on hold for long periods
  • If you are unable to attend your appointment, please call and advise our receptionist or a missed appointment fee may be charged
  • When you arrive for your appointment, please inform the receptionist of your arrival so that we can check you in on our appointment system & the doctor is aware that you have arrived
  • If more than one person from your family wishes to see the doctor at the same time, please make a separate appointment for each family member
  • Overdue accounts require full payment prior to further GP appointments being made
  • If you or your family members require the services of an interpreter due to non-English speaking or hearing impaired, we can organise this for you.  Please advise us when making your appointment
  • As employers, we are obligated to provide a safe workplace for our staff.  Patients who verbally abuse or threaten our staff will be asked to leave the practice and seek their care elsewhere.

Compliments & Concerns

At Francis Family Doctors, we are aware that at times things do not turn out the way you expect. If this happens we encourage you to let us know and we commit to helping work through any concerns you have with our service. Sometimes it may be a misunderstanding or maybe that we have simply got it wrong. We need to hear, so we can improve our care. We also encourage you to let us know when you are satisfied and happy with our services.

There are feedback forms available from reception if you wish to let us know how we are going.

Accreditation & Quality Improvement

Every three years the process and quality systems of Francis Family Doctors are reviewed by Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL), an organisation who service and support general practices.

AGPAL is a provider for general practice accreditation & quality improvement services within Australia, dedicated to working with clients to meet the requirements of the national industry standards – the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner Standards for general practices.

As a part of the accreditation process in relation to customer service, patients are asked to complete a survey. This is to ascertain in a formal way how our patients view us and how we are travelling. The survey results are benchmarked against other general practices in Australia. These results and areas for improvement are discussed during accreditation. Also as part of quality control & care, our staff will often ask to check & update your details.

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