Travel Advice & Vaccinations

  • We offer to our patients travelling overseas a complete range of vaccinations depending on the countries you are visiting
  • These vaccinations are provided at a cost and not Government funded, check with our reception staff for individual pricing
  • Your doctor can provide travel advice prior to departure including Insurance, Tattoo advice, Animal handling, Insect bite protection etc.
  • If you are travelling and know your departure date, book an appointment with the doctor at least 6 weeks prior to departure as this will give us plenty of time to check your vaccination/medication requirements prior to your trip
  • Some medications require commencement 2-3 weeks before departure

Important note for travellers:

  • It is illegal to take or send PBS subsidised medicines out of Australia unless it is for your personal use or the use of someone travelling with you. Fines are steep – up to $5,000 and/or two years’ imprisonment
  • If you plan to take prescription medicine overseas it is important to carry documentation to present to customs officials
  • Carry a letter from your doctor explaining what the medicine is, how much you are taking and that it is for personal use
  • If you need syringes get a note from your doctor explaining their use. Find out from your airline or other transportation company about the use of syringes during transit.
  • Check with the Embassy of the country you are visiting to check the medicine is legal. Always leave medicine in its original packaging
  • For more information on Travel Health please  click here